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We look to the future, we remain committed to innovation and sustainability. We continue to develop new products that meet the needs of our customers, while also doing our part to protect the environment. We are proud of our history of development and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality backpacks to people around the world.

Whether you’re going from the office to the gym or from San Francisco to Tokyo, there’s a bag in our collection that’s perfect for the journey ahead.



We first hit the road together in 2006, and launched PackWise in 2013. We've been 100% community-funded since Day One.

We don't have investors to please – and that means we get to design gear we want to use ourselves. We make tools to help you transition seamlessly through all environments – in the office, in transit, in the city, and out exploring the wilds.

We design for people who care about the details. We release new versions when they're ready, not every season. And we make stuff that lasts forever.

Sustainable materials

We are committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the manufacturing of your backpacks, setting you apart from competitors and attracting eco-conscious customers.

Our Designs

We offer a range of design options, from different colors and patterns to customizable logos, allowing customers to create a unique and personalized backpack that reflects their personal style or brand identity.

Our Mission

We are designed to solve real-world problems and make people's lives easier, whether it's making it easier for students to carry their books or helping businesspeople transport their work materials.

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